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BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design

I’m Lara from Italy, studying Computer Animation Art and Design. I would like to give you an insight into my work experience in the UK as an EU student.

A couple of things before I jump in

To find a job in Bournemouth is easy, but you need to be willing to work long hours on the weekend and in some cases having to work early mornings or late nights. But everyone knows that this is a university town, so you will find that employers understand that university work is your top priority.  In my case, I had previous work experience and this has made it easier to find a job.

My first job

I moved to Bournemouth in September 2017 for my foundation degree. I had previous experience as a babysitter, so I found a job as an au a pair. First years are not as busy so you can save money for the following year and get to know the place better and it gives you a chance to find friends to share cheaper accommodation  with the following year.

Working as an au pair is good as it fits well around my schedule and I got to work with kids. Normally you help the family with cleaning and their daily routine. In return you get accommodation, food and some pocket money. I think it is a great way to find out about UK culture.  There are websites where you can find other au a pair reviews of families so that you know you will be safe. ( this is not only for girls! Guys can do it too!)

My first UG year jobs

In my first year as an undergraduate, I decided to live on my own, but I kept up my babysitting and cleaning for this family and this family also introduced me to other families so I had more work.  Working as a babysitter was not a secure and stable income for me so I decided to look for a more regular job. I now work for an English school as an activity leader, I basically organise activities for students so that they can learn English outside classes. Bournemouth is big and there are plenty of jobs in many different places.  There are shops and restaurants everywhere so you can find a job near home. Part-time you can work a max of 15 hours a week.


My advice would be to find a job during the summer before coming to BU it will help you to gain more experience and you can save some money before you come here.

To work in UK you need a work permit call an NI number (national insurance number) so I suggest you look at this beforehand as this takes time to obtain.  Remember you can start sending CVs without a national insurance number, so when you get here bring some nice printed CVs with you, walk around and leave them with potential employers. Don’t be shy and always smile!

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