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We definitely couldn’t ignore the recent hype around veganism, what with Veganuary having just passed us by!

Being vegan means following a diet and lifestyle that does not use nor contain any animal products. Recently there has been a sharp increase in the amount of young people hopping onto this craze especially throughout January where the lifestyle choice has received special attention and encouraged many to try being vegan for one month.

So, why is it so popular? It sounds difficult, expensive and means you can’t enjoy all the stuff you love right? Wrong! There are many misconceptions such as these ones listed about veganism, when in fact it does not need to be any of these things. With the growing interest around the topic of being more conscious about the environment and sustainability, there are more and more alternative and vegan friendly options being produced by brands that want this movement to become more affordable. Check out The Vegan Society’s 10 best value vegan meals in comparison to their non-vegan counterparts where they shed some light on how some of your favourite classic meat filled meals can easily be turned vegan without breaking the bank.

There are also apps being developed to make vegan choices easier to make and to raise awareness. One in particular that I think works well is Vegan Pocket which allows you to scan products to check if they are vegan or not. This is a great way of incorporating some conscious decisions into your diet as even if you just scan a few items while you do your weekly shop and choose a few of the more vegan friendly options, that’s a start right?

Alright so why is this so important? Being vegan essentially lowers the carbon footprint and helps the environment, as the production of meat and other animal products puts a lot of pressure on the environment which is becoming increasingly important with the current state of climate change. There is also more people wanting to prevent the exploitation of animals which for many, is a key part of veganism.

Although fully fledged veganism has gained a lot of momentum recently, I have also seen a rise in people trying their best in replacing certain alternatives in their diets, and in my opinion, that counts too! Even doing things such as having a meat free day each week, or replacing your normal dairy milk with soya, almond or oat milk would make a difference. So why not give an alternative a try? Head on over to this page where Practically Ethics showcases 10 Easy Vegan Swaps.






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