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MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology

Hi guys! In today’s blog, I am going to talk about the things that I love about my course! Hopefully, it will give you some advice if you’re interested in clinical psychology.

Course content and course structure

First of all, the course content is very broad and touches every topic that you would be interested in. It has both a clinical and neurological focus to see the causes of the psychological disorders and actually to put the case in a clinical frame. Instead of solely focusing on one treatment method, BU offers a clinical psychology course that digs into different treatment models which helps you shift your perspective to the relevant therapeutic approach. Guest lecturers who are supporting various approaches are coming to teach us every few weeks and offering you viewpoints for different psychological disorders, which I find it very helpful!

Assessment methods

One difference of my course from others is that the assessment is based on how good you can integrate your clinical and neurological knowledge into the case studies given. The coursework and the assignments are a great way to assess your knowledge in a particular area, and the course allows you to work with case studies. For me, it is great because you are putting your theoretical knowledge into practice and discussing the cases in detail with experts in their field.

Placement opportunities

Although placement is not really in the teaching scheme, the lecturers are guiding you through the path you’d like to follow. In my case, the professor offered an honorary research assistant job to the class, and we sent our CVs for her to assess and get back to us. I got to see the psychology labs and conducted research to develop a new treatment model for clients. This not only improves your CV, but it also gives you insights about other methods of treatments. During the term, the professors regularly email you about the available vacancies, both in the university or within the NHS. So, the course it’s not just about skimming through hundreds of articles, but actually contributing to the clinical field! This course and all these experiences will prepare you for psychology doctorates, and you may become a chartered clinical psychologist or remain in the academia by continuing doing research.

Most importantly…

I have three close friends that I meet regularly outside of the university. MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology is a course open to EU, non-EU and home students, which provides a very diversified atmosphere and it makes the lectures even more fun. You get to see how such psychological disorders are come about in different cultures and what they are interpreted in each country. I would strongly recommend you place yourself in this course. I am excited to see what it continues to offer!