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BSc (Hons) Geography

Choosing which course you would like to pursue to study at university as a student is a big responsibility, and at times can seem a fraction overwhelming. Some people are set on a particular course which helps narrow down the university options, for others they know which uni they want to go to but don’t know which course to choose? Because you’re reading this blog I will assume that your considering BU ! If you don’t already know,  Bournemouth University is well known for the wide range of amazing courses it has on offer which can be anything from BSc (Hons) Cyber Security Management, to BSc (Hons) Midwifery to BA (Hons) Film. So let’s talk courses!

At BU, courses are divided into four faculties. These include the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Media and Communications, the Faculty Health and Social Science and the Faculty of Management. You can find out which faculty your specific course falls under by visiting this BU webpage on our faculties.

I am currently in my second year studying BSc (Hons) Geography at BU. I knew I wanted to study Geography which was a helpful starting point, but I didn’t know which university to choose as I was not completely clear on my specific future career aspirations, so I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted from my course. However, at BU there are a range of factors that make the courses unique to help you decide. For example, some courses such as mine have optional units that are all assessed in different ways, either more by exam or more by coursework, allowing you to choose your units to suit your strengths. I decided because I wasn’t too sure, that the more options there were the better! You can find more on the specific break down of units run in your chosen course, or courses that you are considering here.

Another unique component of courses offered at BU is the opportunity to fulfill a placement. At BU, professional work placements are viewed as an essential and extremely valuable part of your university experience, that will boost your employability and allow you to gain practical experience in an industry you may want to pursue in your future career. Some courses offer this by allowing students to complete what is called a sandwich degree whereby they complete first and second year of their degree, then go on a placement year for the third year before coming back for their final year at BU. Other courses require students to only complete a short placement of five weeks at the end of year one and five weeks at the end of year two. Most courses offer students the option between these, however you can check what placement options your course offers here.

Make sure you go to Open Days because there are course talks which provide further insight into what they are about. Lecturers and currents students are usually there to help answer questions too, so you can be 100% certain you are committing to the right course.

Second year LES students on the international field trip to Costa Rica as a unit!

Good luck with deciding your future options. Remember don’t rush into any decisions and ask as many questions as possible!

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