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MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology

Hello everyone. Today, we will dig into a life of a postgraduate student. What do they do? Is it all about studying? What else is offered in Bournemouth for us Master’s students? Let’s have a look.

What can be done within the university?

If your accommodation is within close distance to the university, you may prefer to come and chill at BU when no-one is around. I’ve seen BU during night time, and it feels much better when it’s quiet, and the campus lights are on! You can sit in the Fusion Building in those comfy red couches, or find a place to read something or watch Netflix if you like.

Me and my friends at the Dylan’s Bar

Dylan’s Bar

It is located in Poole House, is a great and a budget-friendly option for postgraduates like me who choose to sit in a pub rather than going clubbing. Every Monday, they organise a quiz night which is £2 for entry, and the drinks are very cheap. You may even win a prize as a team when you become first in the quiz.

Students’ Union, SUBU

You can get involved in activities with SUBU, visit other cities in the UK, and join societies. There are different kinds of societies, even a Quidditch society! If you’re not into Harry Potter, find ten friends and create your own society where people with the same interest as you can socialise and create your own comfort zone.

Global Talent Programme

If you would like to socialise and also improve your CV, you can join the Global Talent Programme where you join some workshops and kind of create your own digital CV, and you may even win prizes to show your employers after graduation.

Global BUddies

A caption of us from the Global Buddies meeting

Let’s say you’re an international student like me and you want to meet other internationals. I must say it is always fun to get to know new people and cultures. You can join a scheme called Global BUddies organised by BU where you are assigned into different groups and meet with people from different countries and contribute with teaching them about your culture and getting to know theirs in return.

What if I want to explore Bournemouth?

For some of us who prefer to get away from university life over the weekends, Bournemouth is a great city with its beautiful landscape and entertainment.

If you’re a gourmet like me and love exploring new food, you should come to the town centre. There is a variety of international cuisine such as Greek, Turkish, Indian, Italian, Chinese, or Lebanese. Get out and surprise your taste buds for a day, you won’t regret it. Or if you don’t want something fancy, you can always go to Wetherspoon’s.

The beautiful coast of Bournemouth

Cinema is always a good option. Visit ODEON, watch a film with a student discount.

If you’re into sea life, visit Oceanarium, Bournemouth Pier, or just walk along the beach. Sometimes it is good just to sit, relax, and listen to the sound of ways, it relieves all the stress.

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