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MSc Nutrition and Behaviour

Moving to Bournemouth

Coming from Dublin, the capital of Ireland, and having gone to university in the city centre, I stayed living at home for all four years of my undergraduate degree, so I didn’t have the same sort of experience as moving into halls. When I chose to come to Bournemouth University and started looking for accommodation, I saw there were postgraduate studios among the undergraduate halls and decided to go for it. The truth was I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. This was going to be a brand new experience for me and, of course, I’m a (fair) bit older now, so as it got closer to move in day I began to wonder – had I made the right choice?


View from the Studio

New Beginnings

I walked into Dorchester House to a busy, bustling reception full of new students. When I got my keys and headed into my home for the next 12 months, I was delighted to find a bright, airy space with windows overlooking the courtyard. Although it took some time to get settled, I soon made it my own.

The staff at Dorchester House are second to none. Always friendly, if you have a problem with your room or an issue with any aspect of your accommodation they do their best to get it sorted as soon as possible. The grounds and common areas are always clean and tidy. Speaking of common areas, there is a study hut in the middle of the courtyard which can be used by anyone for group projects or study, and there’s even a small gym which is open to all students. I always feel safe too – having staff at the door is very reassuring at night.

Living in the Heart of Bournemouth

Living in Dorchester House, you’re a stone’s throw away from almost every facility you need, be it Asda across the road, the bus to Talbot Campus which leaves from right outside or the buildings of Lansdowne Campus. You can easily walk to the beach and have a quiet walk towards Boscombe or head in the other direction to the centre of Bournemouth for a bit of shopping.

Making things my own

I mentioned living among undergrads, and I didn’t know what to expect. Well, all I had to worry about was a bit of noise, particularly around Fresher’s week, and of course we were all Freshers once! It doesn’t bother me at all, and in fact it reminds me of my first year in university and all the fun nights out we had. All the students living in Dorchester House seem to get along together. Although the postgrads are more likely to chat with each other, I’ve had lovely conversations with all of the residents I’ve met (it’s amazing how you can bond over someone leaving their washing in the machine…).

All in all, I made the right decision to chose halls for my postgraduate study, and I would encourage others to consider it too!


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