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A-level results day 2017. A pivotal day for those of you applying for further education. For some of you it might be extremely nerve wracking. But even if you feel really confident about your results, make sure you know how it works and know what to expect on August 17. Here are some top tips to make sure you are prepared:

  • Get your student finance in place. If you haven’t already, it’s essential you get that done as soon as possible to ensure there is no delay in you getting your loans when you start university. Registering is a relatively simple process, just go onto and search for student finance.
  • Familiarise yourself with the accommodation booking process for your university. Like Bournemouth University, many universities have an online portal where you can set up an account in advance. Once your place has been confirmed you can log on and select which halls of residence you would like to stay in and lay down your deposit. Your chosen uni should have emailed you information about this, if they haven’t just contact them and find out.
  • Have your UCAS sign in details handy and make sure your contact details are up to date. Very importantly, make sure you’re available on results day. If UCAS need to contact you about your results they can only talk to you about your application details, unless you give someone nominated access to speak on your behalf.
  • On August 17 at 8am, UCAS Track goes live. Your marks won’t be shown on UCAS but you will be able to see if your chosen university has confirmed your place. The confirmation letter from the uni will also be on there, make sure you read through this thoroughly in case there is any information about accepting your place. You will then be able to head down to your school or college and pick up your grades.
  • Got the grades you needed? Amazing! You can start your celebrations! If you didn’t, there’s no need to panic. Speak to your university, they may still decide to accept you. Or they may offer you the chance to pick a different course at the uni. If not, look on UCAS Track where you will be able to see if you are eligible for clearing.

There’s a lot to remember, I know. But as long as you are aware of how the day will go there’s no need to stress. After all, you made it through the hard part…exams are over! Try not to worry yourself about the outcome of your results, just enjoy your summer – you deserve it!

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