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Megan Pleva Graduated July 2016

Currently employed as Sales Manager and Trials Co-ordinator at LiMETOOLS Ltd

“The integration of psychology and cyber security was first introduced to me during the cyberpsychology unit in my psychology undergraduate degree at BU, where I first became aware of the effect that internet use is having on our society. Specifically, the rising prevalence of internet addiction, targeted cyber-attacks, social engineering and the potential detrimental effects that these aspects can have on our personal data and cyber resilience. I quickly became hooked on understanding the threat that the human factor poses to personal and organisational security. Merging the study of cybersecurity and psychology suddenly clicked in my mind and it became obvious that this is the future of human computer interaction and deserves an equal amount of study to technical computer science. Studying the cyberpsychology unit has opened up avenues I didn’t even comprehend as a career when I first started studying psychology. The company that I currently work for believe that the key to preventing, detecting, reducing and dealing with cyber threat lies within successful behaviour change and I am passionate about expanding my knowledge in this area of cyberpsychology. This new BSc (Hons) degree in Cyberpsychology will be engaging, topical and interesting and if you have any interest in psychology and the internet it’s definitely worth considering!”

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