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from Turkey


MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology

Hello everyone. I am Talya from Turkey, and I am currently studying MSc foundations in clinical psychology at BU.

I received unconditional offers from all the universities that I applied to in the UK. Why did I choose BU? Here are my top reasons:

Ranking and reputation

As someone with a first-class degree, I wanted to study at a university with an excellent reputation and ranking. BU has a high ranking in psychology and the members of staff  are well educated and research oriented. You have the chance to prove yourself by engaging in research and work experience and taking it a step further and BU supports you in that process. I had the opportunity to speak to a member of staff face to face and ask my questions and that made up my mind after just one conversation. This is what is good about BU.


Receiving the Executive Dean’s Scholarship has been one of the main reasons I chose BU. Considering there are not many options for students studying psychology in Turkey, I also needed a scholarship to fund my studies. BU values your success and puts great importance on your future prospects as a graduate. My advice would be to check the scholarship page of BU to see which funding options apply to you.

The beach is only 10 minutes from campus

Before coming to BU, I didn’t know what it was like to live in Bournemouth. Even though I live in a town by the coast in Istanbul, I knew this would be a different experience. Bournemouth is very accessible from many cities, and it is only 2.5 hours away from London!

If you are stressed or just need some fresh air, the beach is 10 minutes away from you.  Bournemouth has shown me another side to the UK, it is not all just about the rain. It is also a safe town full of international students.

BU on a small budget

I spent quite a long time sitting with my family looking for a good place to live for months. As a safe town close to the beach, you may think it might be costly. But, the rent is very affordable here in Bournemouth. In the first few weeks it might be hard to manage your budget, but as you start to get to know the city better, things will get easier.  Bournemouth is a great city for students on a small budget.

Quick responses from BU staff

Finally, being an international student requires a lot of communication. Either via e-mail or telephone, it can take a long time to get answers but compared to other universities in the UK I must say BU was the quickest and the most responsive. Especially the live chat on BU’s website as this helped me a lot! The accessible and friendly staff made my life much easier during the decision process. If you’re in doubt, BU will be there to support you.

Talya Disagciyan, Turkey, MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology