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Tiff Skinner Graduated July 2016

Currently employed as Project Manager & Universities Coordinator at LiMETOOLS Ltd

“I was first interested in Cyberpsychology through choosing the final year unit as part of my BSc (Hons) Psychology Degree.  The psychological insights into human interactions and vulnerabilities with using digital technology day to day fascinated me with regards to the trickery of hackers and fraud artists, and soon I understood that the human was the main threat to cyber security. This led me to seek a career in this industry.  I am now employed by LiMETOOLS Ltd, an innovative company which builds and licenses learning tools that enable business behaviour change, combating human error as the root cause of cyber-attacks. During the last two years I have studied part-time at BU again for an MSc Cyber Security and Human Factors course.  If I had not studied Cyberpsychology, I would not be in the job researching and creating content and games that help businesses change employee’s online behaviour to help maintain their cyber security.”

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