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Tsz Kam Yeung

I am Tsz Kam Yeung, a MSc Events Marketing student from Hong Kong. This is my last summer as a student. However, I can’t relax like others because I have to submit my dissertation at the end of August. Therefore, I am going to share my experience of how I balance fun and study time.

BU Summer Ball

I started my summer holiday with the BU Summer Ball and it was my craziest time during my postgraduate studies. BU summer ball is unlike any other summer ball, everyone wears fancy dress and dresses like a minion or as a piece of fruit. Of course, you could just  wear what you want, you don’t have to be a minion. As this was my first and last summer ball, I wanted to be something unusual and crazy. Therefore, I decided to be a unicorn and bought a colourful wig from Amazon, a dress and headband from eBay to match my costume. Although the wig was a bit expensive, it cost £12. There were many people that said it was very beautiful and I created an unforgettable memory with my events classmates.

Uni Field Trip

There was an opportunity for the event students to go on a field trip to Brighton. We visited the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Stadium, British Airways i360 and The Royal Pavilion to learn about how they transform their venues into conference venues in order to survive in the current market and improve revenue. Not only did we learn new things during the trip, we spent some leisure time shopping and chatting in the pub. The relationship between me and my friends has become closer since the trip and I am grateful to our lecturer who gave us this field trip opportunity.

Dissertation Time

I must admit that my dissertation is the only thing I don’t want to face to during the summer however, I have no choice as I only have approximately 2 months to finish 15,000 words. Therefore, I have to make a schedule for myself to write at least 500 words per day and I will then have something to show my supervisor when we have a meeting. I will visit either Yobu or Tealith after each of my supervisor meetings and have bubble tea and enjoy a beach walk.

World Cup in Bournemouth

The World Cup was in July and that was the first time I have supported a team.  I  supported England and my friends went to Walkabout to watch every England game, although we didn’t win the World Cup in the end, the atmosphere was so great, everyone sang the ‘three lions’ song, cheering for the team and people cried when we lost. Also, there were so many police on the street. I highly recommend that you go to the pub and watch the football game and I am sure you will love the atmosphere.

This is my last summer as a student at Bournemouth and I advise you not to just stay in your room and study all the time. Remember work-life-balance is important.

Tsz Kam Yeung, Hong Kong, MSc Events Marketing, 2017/18.