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Tsz Kam Yeung

Hello, I am Tsz Kam Yeung from Hong Kong and I am currently studying MSc Events Marketing. BU Student Ambassador is my first part-time job in the UK and it is really good fun.

Flexible working hours

Working hours for student ambassadors are more flexible than other part-time jobs. It fits in with our studies easily. We have to update our availability frequently, so that they can send us job offers, such as working at Open Days. There are a few jobs that you can do from home, such as a writing blogs or creating vlogs.

My experience working as a blogger

In my opinion, the information in the university prospectus is very general, containing course details and the cost of accommodation. It won’t tell you about a day in the life of a BU student or what living in student accommodation is like. Being a blogger allows me to share my own experiences with others. It may also help potential students in Hong Kong to understand more about Bournemouth University, as we are one of the youngest universities in the UK. It has also helped me to build up my confidence writing in a second language, as I never thought that I could publish a blog.

Working at Open Days

During an Open Day, we wear lovely pink hoodies and we answer questions from the visitors. Parents love to talk to us, as they want to know what their children’s lives are going to be like at university. They also want to know about our life in Bournemouth, how we feel about the atmosphere in the university, as well as our opinion of the course we are studying.

Being a model!

I participated in the photo shooting for the prospectus. Being a model is harder than you think, but I enjoyed my time with the other student ambassadors. We chatted and made each other laugh. The outcome was brilliant! We all looked so happy and I appreciated that I had the opportunity to be part of the team and create this special memory of BU.

Visa limitation

There is a work limitation for Tier 4 Student Visa holders and we are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the term time (including both paid and unpaid work). Being a BU Student Ambassador is one of the choices for a part-time job, and the hours are limited to 15 hours per week.

There is no doubt that the student ambassador is a well-paid job and it could enhance your CV. It is always good to have some extra cash for tea or cake. However, I think the experience that I gained from this job is more valuable than money. I have become more proactive and willing to talk to people. A few years later, when I look back in time, I will remember that my time at BU has not only been about academic work, but also about enjoying the company of and helping other students.

By Tsz Kam Yeung, Hong Kong, MSc Events Marketing