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Garrett Bucklin, USA, Master of Business Administration

My name’s Garrett Bucklin, I am from the United States and I am currently undergoing the masters of business administration program at Bournemouth University. There are many opportunities and options on the side of funding for each individual to attend this university. It is very diverse and they value a number of different skills and attributes. I was lucky enough to receive two top scholarship packages for me to attend BU. The first I received was the Deans Scholarship, through this BU would pay for fifty percent of my tuition. It was a simple application process, if you are interested in the details on how I attained this there will be further information on my upcoming blog post.

My sports scholarship

The second, and maybe even more influential scholarship I received was as a scholar athlete. I was recruited to partake in their volleyball team. This scholarship is one that any experienced athlete would have a shot at attaining. They are given out to every team on campus, 19 sports made up of 60 teams. The outreach stretches all around the world, however there is a significant amount that come from the US. To attain this scholarship there is an application process. If you played sports as an undergraduate or if you have been successful in sport at high school you are on a good path to be awarded the same as I have. During the application process be sure to put down any accolades that you may have received as an athlete. As a typically humble person I sometimes have trouble stating everything that I have achieved. It is important to put all those thoughts out of your mind, the purpose of this is to sell yourself as a brand and make sure that they know why you are different and how you will be an asset to the team and to the university.

Just to go into a little bit about what exactly you are receiving as part of this scholarship, it is as follows:

You get an all-expenses paid gym, chiropractor, massage therapist, kit, as well as extra money for other expenses in relation to your sport. They really work to take care of you and make sure everything is set.

The best piece of advice I could give someone is take advantage of all opportunities. There is no reason that you should let an opportunity go by the way side. Even if you don’t feel confident, give it your best shot. The worst thing that could happen is you do not receive the scholarship, however the upside far out ways the others. BU knows how to take care of those who are willing to reach for greatness.

Garrett Bucklin, USA, Masters of Business Administration