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Mitchell Davis (USA)

I am Mitchell David from United States doing my MBA. At Bournemouth University, there are great students from all around the world. Coming to BU as an international student,  I wanted to find other students in similar situations. That’s when I found the Global Talent Programme.

What is the Global Talent Programme about?

The Global Talent Programme was designed and developed by staff, students and different companies with a goal to nurture and develop talent across the BU community. Each year there are around 200 students and over 50% of the sessions are delivered in partnership with global academics and employers. Going into it, I felt like I was culturally aware from my travels, studies and groups of friends. After the first day I realised there was so much more I could learn and experience. The programme opened my eyes to many global issues you don’t often see on the news, it has really inspired me to think in a global context.

The advantages of joining the Global Talent Programme

The great thing about this programme is the different companies and speakers that you get to meet, work with and even talk about future jobs. In the Global Talent Programme, for undergraduates there are 3 badges and for post-graduates there are 4 badges you can receive. The first is the Global Citizen, which helps students have global mindsets and be aware of the differences. The second badge is the collaborative player, this badge encourages students to connect with different people from around the world and teaches you how to work together with them in a team. The third badge is the skilled practitioner, this badge helps you get ready for global employability. A mix of personal and professional development with a focus on what skillsets global companies look for. The fourth badge, specifically for postgraduate students, is the disciplined researcher which goes into how you can apply everything you have learnt in the first three badges into your research. In each one of these badges, you have two core activities you must complete as well as numerous optional activities and you must complete two of those as well. It is very manageable to do the activities and can even help you look at your assessments in a new way. Joining this programme is one of the best decisions I made whilst at BU and I would suggest it to anyone with an interest in a global atmosphere and cultural perspectives.

Mitchel Davis, USA. MBA 2017/18