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Ollie EvansBefore Ollie completed his MSc Sport Management, we quizzed him about his BU experience.

What was your main reason for studying a postgraduate qualification?

To improve career opportunities.

Why did you choose BU?

Location and the reputation of Bournemouth University, plus the unique variety of the course.

What are the best things about your course and academic experience overall?

The quality of lectures delivered by the lecturers was superb, their explanations and delivery meant i was able to understand all of the theories and concepts very clearly and effectively. They also encouraged the class to challenge the theories and even what the lecturers were saying, so at times we ended up with positive debates which only expanded my knowledge and understanding of the subject.

What are your favourite things about living and studying in Bournemouth?

I feel Bournemouth is a very vibrant and enjoyable town to live. Plenty of options for many people, firmly grasping many cultures, making this a very diverse and multi-dimensional place of living. The convenience of everywhere nearby, plus the beach and the beauty of the New Forest being so close by is nothing but a bonus!

What were your career aspirations before coming to BU and what are they now?

Before, I had no idea. I returned to the UK following a rugby injury, so this course allowed me time to figure out what career I wish to pursue after this year. Now, I am looking to be involved in operations management for an elite sporting club or organisation, or to enter into the medical/health industry.

How do you feel your experience at BU will help you in your future career?

I believe this has provided many more invaluable skills that can be transferred into the real world.

What financial support have you been eligible for?

Postgraduate loan of £10,280 – this does not provide much support after the university fees, so a part time job will be recommended. Luckily, there are lots of jobs available of this sort in Bournemouth.

What piece of advice would you give to a prospective postgraduate student considering BU?

Utilise the resources you have, plus take advantage of the support the lecturers provide, their input is invaluable.