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Alexandru-Cristian PetrisorAlexandru-Cristian, originally from Romania, has just completed his MSc Management with Human Resources. Find out why he chose BU and what his favourite things about living in Bournemouth are.

What was your main reason for studying a postgraduate qualification?

To further not only my knowledge in the area but to become more eligible for a dream job.

Why did you choose BU?

As a foreign student, the main reason for choosing Bournemouth University was that I had friends and family near that area.

What are the best things about your course and academic experience overall?

I guess that I can’t say just one thing. It was a multitude of things that made my experience abroad something to be proud about. I have learned a whole lot about Management, HR, CSR and other concepts that I did not even hear about.

What are your favourite things about living and studying in Bournemouth?

The area is great. Nice views and beaches and nightclubs (so I’ve heard) and the campuses are great. The Talbot Campus is a bit far away from Bournemouth but other than that, great.

What were your career aspirations before coming to BU and what are they now?

Before coming to BU, I wanted to work in HR, now, after working in sales and real estate during the masters, I work at the biggest real estate company in my country and I love it.

How do you feel your experience at BU will help you in your future career?

It is a Master’s degree abroad (for me) so will most definitely help me in the future, but in regards as to how my experience at Bournemouth University helped me to further my career, it helped me see the world through different eyes and some lecturers are really great, giving you examples of real life.

What financial support have you been eligible for?

Student Finance England Postgraduate Loan.

What piece of advice would you give to a prospective postgraduate student considering BU?

For a foreign student, the so called critical thinking and analysis part will be an issue, at least it was for me, especially in writing. The concept is very vague and even though you understand and are aware of the theory most of the times you cross as descriptive. Overall, adjusting to the UK system might prove difficult for someone who likes speaking his/hers own mind about certain theories.

Do not rush into any decision. If you think Bournemouth University is the one for you, go for it, it’s a great uni!