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Sijuade Yusuf (Nigeria)

My name is Sijuade Yusuf from Nigeria, studying MA Media and Communication at Bournemouth University. I would say that the grading systems in Nigeria and the United Kingdom are very similar. This similarity in the grading system has been of tremendous benefit to me, as I have not had to experience any shock of adjustment or panic of inadequacy.


Speaking with undergraduates in Bournemouth University, I realized that the classification of grade for both United Kingdom and Nigeria is the same: First Class (70% and above), Upper Second Class (60% – 69%), Lower Second Class (50% – 59%), Third Class or Pass (40% – 49%). Less than 40% is a fail.


For Master’s students, the UK grading system is also similar to the Nigerian grading system:  Distinction (70% and above), Merit (60% – 69%) and Credit (50% – 59%). Less than 50% is a fail. These are made known in several BU’s communications to aid preparation and help students manage their expectations.


Assessment may be a little different. In Bournemouth University I am being assessed largely on my essay writing skills, whereas Nigerian universities  may infuse written theory-based examinations and graded field work. However, I personally find the method here better, as it strengthens my communication skills and offers me an opportunity to develop myself in areas I haven’t worked on before.

Nigerian’s intending to come into higher education in the UK will easily adjust into the grading system. The assessment may be different, however, it is not a strange format. It may just need some getting used to, as a huge percentage of you grade will depend on your writing skills. What I will say, though, is keep an open mind and be determined to enjoy your stay.

By Sijuade Yusuf, Nigeria, MA Media and Communication, 2017/18