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Sijuade Yusuf (Nigeria)

My name is Siju Yusuf from Nigeria, studying MA Media and Communication at Bournemouth University. Eating in Bournemouth is one of the easiest ways to culturally integrate. With an array of intercontinental provisions – Asian, Thai, African, Caribbean, British, etc – Bournemouth has all you need to find your niche. Food is one of the most affordable things in Bournemouth and definitely one of the most enjoyable!

Exploring new dishes

One of my resolutions as a BU student is to learn new cultures. Since I love to explore, sampling new dishes comes easily to me. I’ve had the privilege of trying more dishes in my short time here than in my whole life. Everywhere I turn to seems to have several appealing restaurants that draw me in to try something new.

International tasting opportunities

Some time ago, there was a food tasting event at the university, where different delicacies around the world were presented for tasting. It was so delicious, that although I don’t usually eat a lot, I had finished the pile of food on my plate in no time before gathering another plateful! At events like this, I have learnt a lot about food from other cultures and eating in Bournemouth.

Sticking to Nigerian dishes?

If you would rather stick to native Nigerian meals and love eating out – Nativ is a Nigerian restaurant in Bournemouth that serves a buffet at an amazing price of £5.00.  However, if you would rather make your own meals, there are several grocery shops to choose from. You can purchase everything you need at relatively affordable prices to have a cooking fiesta. In the event of leftovers (do not fret!), the availability of continuous electricity means you can store it in the refrigerator for later meals.

Savouring student discounts

With the help of emails from the university early on, I identified diners, cafes and restaurants that give discounts to students on certain days of the week. The deals are amazing, so be on the look-out for them. Some outlets also offer group discounts. If you are lucky to make friends with food-lovers like me, rest assured that you will all enjoy these discounts as well.

Whether you want to explore new cuisine or to just stick to native food, it is worth checking which Nigerian foods you can bring along with you. It is much cheaper in Nigeria and no matter how much you like to try new dishes, you will have occasional cravings for food from home.

By Sijuade Yusuf, Nigeria, MA Media and Communication, 2018/19