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Sijuade Yusuf (Nigeria)

Hi, my name is Siju Yusuf from Nigeria, studying the MA Media and Communication. One of the exciting and motivating things about studying at Bournemouth University is the range of academic support the university provides, such as IT support, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) and Additional Learning Support (ALS).

Making your learning experience worthwhile

As diverse as our cultures and backgrounds are, so also are our academic support requirements. Bournemouth University has many support services to make our learning experience as comfortable, fulfilling and rewarding as possible. For instance, some students come from countries where English is their second language and others require additional learning support. The university recognises this and has made provision for these students to make their learning experience worthwhile.

Approachable and supportive academic staff

In my first semester at Bournemouth University, we did a course titled ‘Continuing Academic Development’ (CAD), intended to help us understand the British writing system. Surprisingly, the lecturer who delivered this course informed us that we could discuss our other essays with academic staff in the department, who would guide us on writing standard essays.

This was the first time that I had been able to approach academic staff in a university setting to review my assignments before submitting them for grading. The tutorials I received helped me understand the writing structure to a greater extent. Every time I have been required to do essays, I have had my tutorial notes to refer to and these have helped me a lot.

Programme Leaders also offer very good support to students. I have had instances where I had to speak to my Programme Leader, who has always been very helpful in providing guidance and giving explanations. Students who desire to progress with their studies after completing their master’s find the mentoring offered by Programme Leaders invaluable.

Technology made easy

Very recently, I needed to access a document I had worked on campus, but forgot to transfer it to a memory stick for continued work at home. I was visibly upset, as I thought I would miss the assignment deadline. The help I received from the IT support representative that I reached out to is one that will stick with me for a long time. He patiently took me through the process of accessing my document remotely and I met my deadline.

These are a few of the academic support services I have enjoyed at Bournemouth University. I would pick this University over and over again.

By Siju Yusuf, Nigeria, MA Media and Communication, 2017/18