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Tsz Kam Yeung

I am Tsz Kam Yeung from Hong Kong studying MSc Events Marketing. My first impression of Bournemouth was “Wow! Bournemouth is so quiet and so big, the beach is gorgeous!” People who live here are very friendly and calm.  Hong Kong is a small city surrounded by skyscrapers and the rhythm of life is very fast, everyone is very intense. It is just like London, fast and crowded with people and tourists.

Shopping gives way to a good night sleep

Here, the lifestyle is slightly different to the lifestyle I am used to at home. Most retail shops in Bournemouth are closed by 6pm during the week, and they even close earlier on Sundays. I like this idea of closing early and allowing people to have a work-life balance. Although there are many restaurants, pubs and nightclubs in town open until late at night, I am not a nightclub person and, since I can’t indulge myself shopping in the evening, I have developed some different and good habits since arriving here: I go to bed early and wake up early.

Becoming a better cook

There are various types of Asian restaurants in Bournemouth such as Chinese, Korean and Thai and this has helped me feel less homesick. The food is not as salty as it is in Hong Kong, so it is healthier. I often cook for myself to save some money, so my cooking skills have improved.

A slower pace of life

In Hong Kong, students have more tutorials after their normal lectures, so they don’t have a lot of leisure time. However, my course at BU doesn’t have lectures every day, so I have free time to do some things that I enjoy and could not do in Hong Kong. For example, I can go for a walk alongside the beach, enjoy an afternoon tea with friends or read a book in a café. In Bournemouth you will have the chance to slow down, as life here is less pressured and more peaceful.

Talking to strangers

People are very friendly too! When you buy something at a shop or get on a bus, there is always a greeting from staff. They often say ‘How are you today?’ or ‘Have a nice day!’ You may start a conversation with them, which is very rare in Hong Kong, unless staff recognises you.

Challenged by the weather

The weather is a huge challenge for me. Hong Kong is hot and humid, our winter is not as cold as in Bournemouth and we don’t have snow in Hong Kong. Yes! There was snow in Bournemouth this year, although I am told this is very rare. A hat and scarf are the essential accessories for me during winter, and Primark is my favourite shop for winter shopping. They have many different styles of hats, and they are often cheaper and better quality than in Hong Kong.

By Tsz Kam Yeung, Hong Kong, MSc Events Marketing, 2017/18