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Third year BA (Hons) Business Studies student Corey Kemp shares his advice on staying motivated during your studies:


I know assignments, coursework and exams can be seen as daunting but you should try and change your approach towards it. See it as an opportunity to showcase your hard work and your capabilities in your chosen subject. At university, you’ll have the chance to work solely on your choice of subject so study in the knowledge that this will soon be a reality.


Take extra revision sessions, pick your teachers’ brains, and take extra notes to give you an advantage in your final assessments.  Sure it will take more time but at least you know every minute you spend will improve your grades in the end. If you have to revise, give it everything you’ve got –an exciting, new adventure is on the horizon.


Structuring your days will make the revision period go like clockwork. Decide when you’re getting up and when you’re going to bed, know when your breaks are and know your content. You want to eliminate any unnecessary distractions so you can have confidence in your revision plan. Taking this into your exam will be invaluable and optimise your performance.


Your mind and body work in tandem. A healthy body, fuelled properly and charged by regular exercise, will make you feel better throughout the exam period. There will be times when you’re going to feel unmotivated but exercise gives you that energy boost to power through and is a quality break to have.


Sometimes the way you approach your exams can determine how well you do. Don’t worry about not doing as well as you expect. Focus on how you’re going to answer every question competently and to the best of your ability. When I did my exams, I believed I had the ability to get marks from every question and that approach helped me to achieve the grades I wanted (and needed).


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