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Yi-Hsin Chen (Taiwan)

I am Yi-Hsin Chen from Taiwan studying MSC Events Management. As students, most of our spending is on food and drink. Managing to eat healthy while also saving some money is worth considering. Here are few tips I always follow. Hopefully they can help you save some money too.

Cook from scratch

Try not to buy prepared food or frozen food from supermarkets. They are likely to be more expensive than buying the same ingredients and cooking them yourself. In addition to saving money, there are many benefits of cooking your own meals. Most importantly, you are in control of the food you eat. You can cut out any ingredients that are unnecessary which allows you to tailor it to your own dietary and nutritious needs. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to practice preparing traditional food from your home country.

List and save

It is better to have a list in mind or a written list before you go shopping. It really helps to save money because the list will remind you what you really need and prevent you from buying the fancy stuff you probably don’t need. For example, I love to try new and different foods; but to avoid impulsive shopping, I always ask myself how it fits in my budget or if it is worth the expense. If I answer no, then I won’t buy it.

Compare price in different stores

Buying food from the closest store sounds convenient but may not be the cheapest option in your living area. Based on my personal experience, the same product can cost nearly twice as much than in a different store. Explore the area you live in and try to visit every store you can find. If you check the price of your favourite foods at each one, you’ll find out which one is the best store for your weekly shopping. It is also a wonderful way to have an adventure in the neighbourhood.

Save it for later

The more food you waste, the more money you throw away. Use containers or resealable bags for extra food, write down the expiration date, and enjoy them before that day. Normally, I finish all my perishable food such as fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and dairy goods in a week, but I will keep frozen food a bit longer, about 2-3 weeks.

Maximize Uni savings

Finally, don’t forget to follow the Facebook pages for SUBU (Student Union Bournemouth University) and for Res-life in your student accommodation – you can find plenty of inexpensive social events. Last time, I went to a social event which only cost me £3, plus it came with one free drink and lot of free snacks such as sausages and sweet pies. This was a great deal for students and a perfect way to have fun with friends. My tip to you is to take part in those events and spend money you’ve saved wisely to make the best of your university life!

By Yi-Hsin Chen, Taiwan, MSc Events Management