Guest blogger Produced by

Yi-Hsin Chen (Taiwan)

I am Yi-Hsin Chen from Taiwan studying MSC Events Management.  As an Asian, I am always looking for Asian restaurants in Bournemouth. Surprisingly, there are quite a lot in this town and I have listed a few of my favourites. I hope you will also enjoy them.

Korean delights

With the trend of Korean drama, many people have been attracted by Korean culture and their fantastic food is also being popularized. There are 2 Korean restaurants in the Bournemouth area, KORI Korean Restaurant Bournemouth and Korean Grill Restaurant. They are extremely good and you can find tasty kimchi and stone pot in both of them

Chinese for every pocket

For the Chinese style restaurants, Little Asia and The Mandarin Fusion, won’t let you down. The Mandarin Fusion is a very authentic Mandarin restaurant. With a chef from Hong Kong, you will be impressed by the large range of dishes. I celebrated the Chinese New Year in this restaurant and the experience was amazing. However, it was quite expensive.

Little Asia, on the other hand, is the restaurant for those on a tighter budget. It is a typical Chinese restaurant.  The special dish I will recommend is quite expensive, it is called “hot pot”. It is a dish actually easy to make at home, but ordering hot pot in Little Asia is equal to an “all you can eat” meal. Therefore, you can enjoy multiple choices on the menu.

Asian buffet

The final restaurant I want to introduce is called Day’s. You can enjoy the buffet for under 15 pounds in this restaurant with student discount. There are a lot of Asian dishes you can choose from including dim-sum and roast duck. The dessert in Day’s is also fantastic and their puff is my favourite one.

By Yi-Hsin Chen, Taiwan, MSc Events Management, 2017/18