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Yi-Hsin Chen (Taiwan)

I am Yi-Hsin Chen from Taiwan studying MSc Events Management. During my first term, I had five to six classes per week, plus one group work project before Christmas. Once the second semester began, however, I found that the time I needed to spend at uni increased substantially!

It’s getting real!

The second term is more practical and flexible. My main piece of work at University at the moment is preparing to hold a ‘real’ event at the end of the term. This means we have a lot of group discussions and various meetings with our supervisor after the class, and tons and tons of preparation.

Our project is called Carnival U, which involves organising 4 workshops for an exhibition in London called CarnivalEXPO. The project also includes social media promotion. I am responsible for our website design and Instagram management. It is really a hands-on learning experience!

Working with people from industry

Sometimes, we have guest speakers! We recently had consultants from IBM come in and speak with us. During their talk, we brainstormed about customer’s needs, moved onto designing an event and finished with a short presentation about it.

Working into the evening

The day normally ends at 5:00pm and we walk home as the sun sets. Going home doesn’t mean the day’s work is done – I still need to work on our Carnival U blogs and Instagram posts! Although we don’t have many assignments this term, I also need to spend time think of the most important one: a group presentation on how we organized Carnival U and a detailed report on the event management.

Even though this term is not as relaxed as the first term, every day is fun.

By Yi-Hsin Chen, MSc Events Management, Taiwan, 2017/18