Guest blogger Produced by

Bruna Tolomeli (Brazil)

I am Bruna Tolomeli from Brazil studying the MA Post Production Editing. Every year I spend Christmas with my family in Rio de Janeiro since it is a very important celebration in Brazil. In December, unlike in the UK, the weather in Rio is very warm. We go to the beach, have cold beverages, and always have a fan nearby.

Christmas as I imagine it!

Christmas is usually associated with winter, snow, and fireplaces. Since I was a kid, I’ve been picturing Christmas in a completely different way than I had been living it. I would imagine ice skating, playing with sleds, and having snowball fights. Now, for the first time in my life, I have been celebrating Christmas in completely new ways, and I am loving it!

The Christmas atmosphere in Bournemouth starts in mid-November. The opening of the Christmas Market gave the city a new look and brought fresh air from the North Pole.

The trees are decorated with lights and snowflakes and the stalls along the streets sell local products and food. Kids run around excited about ice skating while a small stage invites different guests every night to perform something special for the public. Walking through the town centre feels like being in a winter wonderland!

Ice skating and hot chocolate, but not snow (yet!)

I must admit I am a bit disappointed because there hasn’t been snow in Bournemouth yet. However, not being able to snowball fight, is not stopping me from enjoying Christmas in Bournemouth, particularly because of the ice skating rink – the most fun thing to do at Christmas! After ice skating, it is wonderful to just sit down in one of the lounges to warm up and have hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows under a sky full of stars.

Make the most of Christmas away from home

I understand how many of you might be worried about spending Christmas away from your friends and relatives, but I believe that if you open your heart to this new and exciting experience, there is much to learn. Spending Christmas away from home can be a challenge but can also present you with new realities, possibilities and opportunities.

I have made a lot of friends in Bournemouth and I will be able to spend Christmas with them, which I believe is a special gift the universe provided me with. Remember that the whole idea of Christmas is to celebrate the life of Jesus by sharing a meal and presents with those you love.

It is all about thinking about others, being generous, and spreading kindness all around the world. Explore the streets of Bournemouth with your friends. Feel the fresh air filling up your lungs with possibilities of a new beginning. Most importantly, allow yourself to live this new experience.

By Bruna Tolomeli (Brazil), MA Post Production