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Just like everyone else I had to sit there before university began and choose my accommodation for what was going to be my first year in Bournemouth! And guess what? I ended up in Poole. Corfe House, more specifically!

Corfe House is one of the many undergraduate/postgraduate accommodations that Bournemouth University has to offer. It is a cosy place that is home to 308 students, every room has a double bed and shares a communual area which is the kitchen.

On my first day arriving at Corfe I was pleased with the warmth of the place, the accommodation was clean and the common room had a pool table and some super comfortable sofas. I was in Flat 107 and was nervous about walking in and meeting my new flatmates for the first time. When I did it was great and we got on so well, all of my nerves disappeared automatically and I looked forward to getting know them!

In terms of living at the actual flat, there was plenty of cupboard space for everyone, two sinks, two fridge/freezers and an airing cupboard. There was a breakfast bar and enough seating for everyone meaning that there was a lot of communual space for us all and at times like Christmas we could transform the bar into a dining table for a more homely experience!

There were a lot of events put on at Corfe by the Res Life team and this made me feel like there were a lot of things I could go to if I was ever bored. One of the best aspects of living at Corfe House had to be how close we were to Poole Quay. The Quay is a small beachy area across from Brownsea Island which not many people go to look around but is so beautiful during the summer.

As a flat, we had some of our best times during the summer. There is a free festival held just down at the Quay which is called the Seven Seas Festival. It goes on for a few days and it is the chance to see the local businesses at work and even get on the big wheel!

Aside from the places surrounding Corfe and the really good high street that has everything you need! I have to say that personally I felt the rooms were so nice and the service I got from Unite Students who ran it at the time was awesome. This has now changed to Derwent Students, but the transition was so smooth and everyone was still so lovely.

The rooms are warm and don’t have clinical lighting, they contain a spacious desk, a nice mood light, a double bed, an en suite and plenty of shelving!

Now, on a more levelled note, Corfe House is somewhere I chose off of my own back whereas some others had it as a second option as they didn’t get into anywhere else. Corfe House is a cosy, warm, and quiet place to live but it is not as wild as some people had hoped for. Many wanted a bigger nightlife aspect, if so, I recommend choosing somewhere in town. Other pitfalls include the 40 min journey to the university with infrequent uni buses and a long trip to town on the night bus!

I enjoyed my time at Corfe however and met some great people!

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