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This is a guest blog written by Christian.

Hello and welcome to my blog about sports therapy, a new course at Bournemouth University. I’m going to be telling you why I chose Bournemouth University and the Sports Therapy degree.

I was born in Bournemouth and have lived here all my life, so why did I not go somewhere else for university? Well, Bournemouth is one of the nicest towns in the UK with a beach that was voted the third best in Europe.

Along with that it also is one of the only places in the UK with a population average age which is getting younger and not older. This means the town is lively and also has great night life, providing students with many activities and events throughout the year. As you know it is also home to Bournemouth University which has many links both locally, nationally and internationally.

This was a significant factor for me as I want to live in the USA in the future and work with elite college athletes. I knew Bournemouth University had the international outlook I needed to help me achieve my ambitions. In the sporting field the University works with elite teams such as AFC Bournemouth, allowing us (as students) to gain hands-on experience in a professional environment. This was also a contributing factor as when a Bournemouth University student completes a degree, they come out with a variety of relevant work experience, which will help them, as early career professionals, to get a job soon after finishing their degree.

I chose the BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy course as I have a passion for sports and an active lifestyle. I have also experienced severe injuries myself over the years when playing to a high level so wanted to learn more. On the Sports Therapy course you will become an accredited professional as a member of the Society of Sports Therapists. You will learn a full array of rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques in addition to knowing the anatomy and using the medical terminology. I personally think purchasing a skeleton it a great learning aid, as I purchased my own life size skeleton to assist me with the bone anatomy and landmarks. Since purchasing Hector (my skeleton), he has been accepted into the family and keeps watch on the house when no one is home!

Throughout the years of studying a Sports Therapy degree at Bournemouth University, you will undergo various placements and build up a relevant working profile for yourself, which I personally am really excited to do going forward . I would really like to do my placement abroad, perhaps within an American University. Placements give you an upper hand when leaving university, as you will have already gained relevant working experience as a professional. Through doing placements you will also build up your networking skills and have  professional contacts in the industry. Not sure if you know, but Bournemouth University is also in the process of developing a new Health and Social Sciences building, which will provide state-of-the-art facilities for students who are practicing and performing different forms of rehabilitation. I cannot wait to use this in my final year one it is completed 🙂

Since starting I have not regretted my choice of course or university. The course is very engaging and university is always hosting and organising different events meaning there is always something to do.

Christian, 1st Year Sports Therapy

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