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Spiwe Ncube

I am Spiwe Ncube from Zimbabwe studying a Master’s in Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology here at BU since September 2017. Although I can’t read your mind, I am sure you are searching for a university or trying to decide from your list of short-listed universities, right? I have been in your shoes. It was not so easy to decide on the best university, but I finally chose BU. You are probably wondering why I picked Bournemouth University, so I am going to share with you why I chose BU. I hope it helps you on your own university quest.

Perfect course matches work placements

After completing my psychology undergrad studies, my interests were caught between clinical psychology and neuropsychology. Choosing one or the other for my master’s degree was proving to be somewhat of an impossible mission.

So, I searched for universities that offered best of both worlds and found Bournemouth University. Not only did BU have the perfect course for me, but the course also offered a one-year placement option as part of the programme. How awesome is that?

Work experience is a valuable asset to any psychology student. Or, if you want to pursue clinical practice and research, it is another choice. For example, the placement can be as a research assistant or as an assistant to clinical psychologists. That choice was easy for me as I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Student development is a BU priority

Academics are important, but I was interested in more than just gaining a degree. I was also looking for a university that would expose me to a lot of opportunities for professional and academic development, and to enhance my employability (career-wise) after graduation.

I found that BU offered a lot of support in learning assistance such as academic writing skills workshops, IT workshops, and the opportunity to learn a foreign language. This was of particular interest as I have always wanted to learn Spanish.

When it comes to the employability of their students, BU offers support through programmes such as the Global Talent Program and career fairs where students and future employers have an opportunity to meet and network. I also discovered that BU has a career and employability centre where they help with interview preparation, CV writing skills, and so much more. I was so excited and that just left one more thing to look at….

Scholarships for study

It is not cheap to further your studies in higher education, especially when it comes to studying abroad. You might be looking for scholarships like I did. Guess what?! BU offers a wide variety of scholarships and it is very easy to apply. All you need before you apply is to get an offer on your course from the university. Once you get that, you apply for the scholarships online. Make sure you apply before the deadline!

I am glad that I chose BU and if I had to do it all over again…I would still choose Bournemouth University.

Written by Spiwe Ncube (Zimbabwe), MSc Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology