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Milla Rasanen (Sweden)

I am Milla Rasanen from Sweden studying a Master’s degree in Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology here at BU since September 2017. After finishing my undergraduate degree in psychology in Sweden, it was time to decide where to do my Master’s degree. I wanted more international experience, so I immediately started looking at options abroad. Eventually, I chose the Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology course in Bournemouth and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Here are the five main reasons why I chose BU.

Placements are career platforms

Bournemouth University is well known for its amazing placement opportunities. One big reason why I chose BU is that I can get better practical work experience here than anywhere else in the UK or Sweden. I am currently on my placement at the stroke unit in Poole Hospital. I get real-life experience administering neuropsychological assessments as well as the opportunity to shadow a clinical neuropsychologist. I am learning so much on my placement and this experience will be extremely helpful when I am applying for jobs after graduation.

Research opportunities are key

Because I am interested in research, one reason why I chose BU is the high-quality research that is conducted here. I am really excited about that in my course. We have workshops in EEG (electroencephalogram), eye-tracking, and transcranial stimulation. The technical training at BU is much richer than what I would get from many other universities. For my research project, I even get to use a new technology that has only been used in a handful of studies so far.

Tutors personalise the experience

Compared to my previous studies, there is a lot more personal support offered at BU. I have a personal tutor whom I meet with every week. On top of that, most lecturers are happy to meet with students to discuss any questions or issues. One-to-one meetings with lecturers have really helped me focus on the essential aspects of each assignment.

Societies for all student interests

The student life at BU is a lot more social than in Sweden. There are clubs and societies for pretty much every possible interest. And if you can’t find one that interests you, you can just do what I did and start a new society with your friends. It has been such a pleasure to hang out with like-minded students. As the president of a society, I have learned so many new skills that will be really useful in the future.

Beautiful Bournemouth Beach

As someone who grew up by the sea, I just can’t get enough of the waves. Bournemouth has an amazing beach and I live close enough to walk there whenever I need a break from studying. I also absolutely adore London, and Bournemouth is the perfect distance for weekend trips there. In just three months’, I have already visited London three times!

Find the best fit for you

After three months I am really happy that I chose BU. I did a lot of research before deciding on a course in the hopes of finding the right fit for me and I really feel I found it.

By Milla Rasanen (Sweden), MSc Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology