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Patricia Britto

I am Patricia Britto from Brazil studying a Master’s in International Political Communication here at BU since September 2017. Studying in another country means a great life change. In addition to differences in language, the cultural differences are everywhere – in food, habits, behaviour, expressions, way of seeing life and so on. At the same time, it also means the possibility of living an amazing experience that will result in growth and maturity.

You will never be the same

The classic quote to those who go abroad to study is this – “no one returns the same from that experience”. Indeed, the possibilities and perspectives are greatly expanded. We leave home saying that we are making an exchange – leaving our friends, family, home and sometimes a job – to acquire knowledge. But in fact, everything we are leaving behind will be multiplied. New stories and new friends become part of our life in an incredible way. I think this is what makes life interesting!

Don’t let challenges overwhelm you

Of course, we face many challenges. Every day! After two months I still find myself having to lay some negative feelings off. Yet despite this, I am sure that this is a unique experience in my life.

Choose your Uni with care

Since all programmes have their share of challenges, I think that choosing where to study should be made with a lot of care. Not only because we have a goal in our professional life, but also because we wish to have an awesome experience in many senses. We want to make friends, perhaps acquire a new language, open our mind and obviously, take part in a very good programme.

BU was the choice for me

Fortunately, I am very pleased with my choice to come to a Master’s programme at Bournemouth University. I came to England a few times many years ago and I always thought this country was incredible. Among my options in the Political Communication field, my choice was basically made by the university programme itself, which incredibly satisfies all my needs and professional aspirations.

I believe my choice could not be better! Bournemouth is an amazing city and the people are both super welcoming and helpful. Moreover, this city has a lower cost of living compared to other regions in England. This makes a huge difference – after all, everything you pay here is in pounds!

Besides the programme, I was quite surprised – positively, of course – with the quality of the professors, the structure of the university, the library, as well as all the good restaurants and cafes around the campus.

I am very happy! I think it’s going to be a season of good memories and lots of learning!

Written by Patricia Britto (Brazil), MA International Political Communication