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Patricia Britto

I am Patricia Britto from Brazil studying a Master’s in International Political Communication. Moving to Bournemouth to do a master’s program at Bournemouth University was a great change, not only in my life, but also for my whole family – my husband and my two daughters (9 and 12 years old). We rented out the house we own in Brazil, sold our car, left the dog with a friend, and said good bye to a lot of dear people.

Finding my rhythm

Bournemouth is very peaceful and life here flows to a very nice rhythm. It is interesting realizing this difference, especially when you come from a fast-paced life. Here, the bus drivers are kind and patient as they wait for someone settling down on the bus. Cars give clearance for others in the city’s narrow streets. Drivers gently stop to let us cross the streets – not just at the pedestrian crossing. It was everything that I was looking for!

Save for what you want

We rented a house near the university in a neighbourhood called Winton. It is a fifteen-minute walk from our house to the university crossinf a wonderful park on the way. My daughters study at a school just five minutes from home. This is wonderful!

Since we did not know anyone here nor have any UK professional or personal references, we had to pay six months rent in advance. We had to scrimp and save, but we were already expecting that. However, these rules vary depending on the policy of the letting agents or the landlord rental agreement.

Rent too high? Consider unfurnished!

It was difficult finding a furnished house that fitted our needs. We did find a house as soon as we got here, but as it had only one toilet we declined to rent it. Eventually, we found one that suited us perfectly in terms of structure. It had all the kitchen appliances, but unfortunately, no furniture. Furnishing a home is not as expensive as you might think, it just takes some work and a little patience!

Furninish a home on a budget

There are websites (such as Gumtree) that make it easy to find almost everything you would want for a home – from lamps and decorations to second-hand furniture. It was perfect. I furnished the whole house without spending too much. I bought wardrobes and a chest of drawers for £15, a kitchen table with chairs for £35, and a sofa for £70. I also found someone on Gumtree to help us move everything from one place to another.

Good things happen

I have to confess that I was very anxious during the search for our house. Perhaps our trouble was because more people are searching at the end of summer, making it more intense. I struggled a little in the begining. When we finnaly found a house, the landlady requested three weeks to get the house sorted before we could move in. It was quite stressful. But when we are all moved in, I found it incredible how good things happen when we put our energy into what we deeply desire.

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By Patricia Britto, Brazil, MA International Political Communication, 2017/18