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Moving away from home for the first time can be a very daunting experience for some students. Suddenly, you’re independent, making new friends and moving in somewhere you’ve never lived before. The best way to make your new accommodation feel like a home is to personalise it. Here’s some top tips on how to make your uni room as homely as possible…

  • Photos. A uni room is not complete without photos of your family, your besties and of course, your pets. You can keep updating your images throughout the year as you make new memories with your new friends.
  • Posters. Whether it’s your favourite movie or a pinup of your favourite celeb, a poster is a great way to decorate your walls and make your room homelier. Just make sure you don’t mark your walls, you’ll want your deposit back!
  • Fairy lights. In the lead up to Christmas (or even all year round!) lights and other decorations can be a great addition to your room and get you in the spirit as well help you look forward to being home over the Christmas holidays.
  • Extra pillows. You’re probably going to miss your bed the most, so you need to make your uni bed as comfy as possible. Get lots of pillows and maybe an extra blanket so you can get cosy on those chilled evening.
  • Plants. If you’re living in a flat and miss your garden at home, then why not add a bit of greenery. Maybe not any high maintenance plants, but a little cactus may be a nice addition to your new room.

No halls room will compare to your bedroom at home but hopefully these tips will help you make it a close second. In the long run, your university experience won’t be defined by your halls. Studying a subject you enjoy, meeting new friends and making the best memories will be what you take away from uni.

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