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It can be a bit of a shock when you first arrive at university. Laden with all of your bags that you have just lugged up the stairs, you unlock the door and finally see your room for the first time only to be disheartened by the fact that it is just so plain and dull. You no longer have the luxury of the comforts of home to keep you warm and snug in your new uni life. So, here are a few ideas that can help make where you live feel a bit more welcoming and friendly.

  1. Decorate.
    Posters, photos, concert tickets, calendars, notes …. Get these all up on your wall (be cautious of leaving marks though!). Not only will they be a nice comfort to remind you of all of your friends and family, but it will also cover up the dull and bare walls that the previous tenants have left you with.make-your-halls-a-home-1
  1. Have nice smelly things.
    There is no denying that some halls are tainted with a sort of musty student smell that could vary from the scent of burnt toast to the disgustingly sweet odour of Jägermeister. You may not have noticed your mums little techniques at home to keep things smelling fresh but trust me, it makes a big difference. You can use incense, air fresheners, or even bake some yummy goodies and waft them around to create that refreshingly homey smell. If none of these appeal to you, at least just open a window now and again to let some fresh air in…
  1. Music in halls is great.
    As long as you are considerate of others and don’t keep them up all night with hideous drum and bass pumping through the walls at all hours, there is no greater way to create instant chill vibes with some lazy acoustics or get the pre-drinks going by putting on a good tune.
  2. Keep it clean.
    I know it’s so hard to adjust to living in such a small space, but it definitely means that when you haven’t bothered to put yesterday’s sweaty gym-gear or jeans in the laundry basket, it will get in the way and you create a obstacle course for yourself. If you are able, maybe it is worth investing in some storage space-saving furniture type boxes or baskets. It may just be simply putting things away in them but at least it then keeps it tidy and your private treasures hidden.
  1. Be a good host.
    The main thing about a home, is that you are surrounded by people that you are able to relax around. Make sure you are able to chill and slob around with your flatmates and invite your course-mates around too. There is nothing that makes you feel more at home than having good friends around you (having brownies in the oven too does help…).

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