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Beach-smallSo, many of you might be wondering why some of us chose to study at Bournemouth Uni. In all honesty, the location was one of the main influences for me and I’m assuming for many others too. Bournemouth used to be a sleepy seaside town filled with fishermen and smugglers. Fast forward to 2016 and it’s a popular coastal resort renowned for its long sandy beaches and lively nightlife. With Bournemouth and its surrounding areas such as Poole and Christchurch reaching a total population of over 450,000 it’s definitely a fun and busy place to live in.

When looking at potential universities to study at, the location was a big deal. Originally from Brighton, big city on the South East coast, I knew I couldn’t go to university in a small town with not much on. I’d visited Bournemouth a few times before ever considering university so I knew the town well. I’d always visited with my family and at 16 I had no idea that it even had a night life or was predominantly a student town. Now, I realise that Bournemouth has it all – the sea, the shops, the students and the nightlife. It was pretty much like Brighton but on a smaller scale.

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So what is it like to live in Bournemouth?  As a student it’s great. The thing is about Bournemouth is that it’s developing and expanding every day, so by the time some of you reach us, it’ll have gotten bigger and better. The town centre is surrounded by the Bournemouth gardens which lead down to the beach. The Bournemouth gardens are a really nice place to walk through or have a picnic – there are streams, a bird aviary, mini golf and the famous Bournemouth balloon. There are also a variety of shops – your regular high street brands and loads of restaurants. If you’re looking for some really good 241 cocktails I’d recommend going to Eden Bar or Aruba beach bar.


One thing I was slightly concerned about when moving to Bournemouth was the nightlife. Brighton has such a good night life so I didn’t think Bournemouth could be better but in fact I prefer the nightlife here. There are a variety of nights for whatever you’re into whether it be rock music, dance or alternative. There are also a load of music festivals in and around Bournemouth, which is a bonus. Coming out of the town centre, you’ll find the surrounding areas such as Winton and Charminster; you’ll most likely live here during second and third year. Both areas have a high street with a cluster of pubs and bars to choose from. If you don’t want to venture into town but still fancy a drink, the high street pubs and bars are full of students and cheap drinks.


When you’re thinking about university, do really consider the location. Bournemouth has an award winning beach and in the summer it’s a beautiful town to live in. There are loads of surrounding areas to explore too such as Durdle Door, Poole Harbour and The New Forest. The location has a lot to give so I’d really recommend coming to give us a visit.

By Fleur N’Doye

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  1. Mo

    OMG I came to Bournemouth about seven years ago and I am never going to leave. I can relate to this post, moved to study, stayed and now have my life here. Amazing! Well written post by the way.


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