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BA (Hons) English

As cliché as it sounds, everyone is in the same position. People you share a flat with, those on your course, and the person you sit behind on the uni bus, are all embarking on this exciting journey together in a completely new city!

                                            Trust me, after a couple of weeks you’ll feel right at home!

When you first arrive, sometimes you know straightaway whether you’ll get on with a group of people or not. It’s completely fine if you don’t. Quite honestly the first people I met, although they were friendly enough, I couldn’t imagine myself becoming great friends with them at all (and this was on my first night!!).

I persevered, determined to find people more like myself, which was slightly difficult as most people around me at uni already had the benefit of flatmates. I did not. However, on the third night of freshers, I texted someone who I knew of from sixth form who had just started at Bournemouth too, and it was probably the best thing I did. From then on, I became great friends with not only her, but some of her flatmates and all their friends. Fast forward to this weekend, and we are all moving into our second-year house!

Although I had my apprehensions, the great thing about uni is once you make one friendship, it leads to so many others as you get to constantly meet new people (not so great when you have to remember everyone’s name!). After a while seeing multiple new faces at gatherings became completely normal!

Paintings on one wall of the room

Later on in the year, I felt more comfortable to go out of my comfort zone further. It was the week before Christmas break, and I had no more lectures or assignments (yippee!) but a lot of my friends did. I decided to look at the volunteering on offer for Bournemouth Uni for that week, and I came across painting a children’s room at a Victim Support Centre! I absolutely love all things creative so I knew I had to sign up. It wasn’t till I received the time and location to meet, did I start to think about the fact I was going alone and did not know anyone! Again, it was not awkward or unenjoyable at all! I met lots of interesting people and had a great day out painting. Although I was nervous, you just need to remember that you all have something in common – painting/volunteering. From just that alone I knew I would get along with them!

So… when you come to Bournemouth, please don’t feel nervous or anxious about finding friends and meeting new people. I fretted a lot, and I really didn’t need to. It may take a day, or a week to find those you get along with, but you will get there and it will make your uni experience amazing!

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