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BSc (Hons) Games Technology

So, university’s over. Well for now at least – it’s summer time. Time to relax and let go of some steam right? Well yes, partly. This is the time for you to go on holidays, bathe in the sun and spend time with your family before you start another hectic year at university. But, between all that it’s also essential to stay in touch with everything you have learnt and get up to speed with anything else you’ll be learning next year. Trust me, a little heads up on what will be happening before the start of your subsequent year will only help you in the end.

Doing something that’s not specifically about your studies but is somehow related to it will also help in giving your career a boost. Yeah, I know it’s hard to get motivated to look over those slides all over again whilst you’re basking in the summer sun, but how about going through them just after dinner when you’re not going on a night out? Or maybe during a quiet afternoon when you aren’t doing anything. I’m sure you will be able to find some spare time over the summer break.

There are plenty of online courses to join too which you can complete at your own pace over the summer. Writing down the important bits of whatever you are revising whilst you are going over it helps too – that way, you don’t easily forget what you have been learning.

Getting some work experience wherever it might be – even if it’s unpaid – goes a long way in improving your career prospects too as many employers value work experience more than anything as it shows your professional attitude and that you are capable of working in a competitive and organized environment.

In short, not idling around for the entire two and a half months is the best idea! Whether you want to go and look for a job after your graduation or you’re planning to study a Master’s, every institution lays great value on what you have achieved in your spare time as it reveals how passionate and serious you are about what you are doing. So, after you bathe yourself in that Barcelona sun (or wherever you end up!), make sure you start paving the way bit by bit for the not so distant future.

Until then, take care.

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