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MSc Archaeology

Doing a degree can be incredibly stressful, particularly around deadlines and exams. It is important to have a break every once in a while, to recharge and chill. So here are my top 7 things to try when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or just want a break. I have scored each one out of 10, but you might rank them differently. Give it a shot and see!


Hopefully these tips will help you feel as chilled as a cat sitting on the one textbook you need (aka super chilled).

  • Computer games. Good when you have handed in your coursework and can take a day off. My personal favourites are Pharaoh (a city building game), Zoo tycoon (a zoo building game) and Sims. But any game you enjoy would work. Great way to escape from the worry about the marks for that essay you handed in. BUT I would only do these when you have a whole day to spare, and no deadlines looming. They can be mildly addictive…
    SCORE FOR RELAXATION: 9/10 (the challenges in some games can get annoying).


  • Wii Sports. Any wii game would work really, but I really enjoy doing the sports. I am trying to get fitter, and so I get to play games and improve my overall health. Double Win. You can do yoga, or muscle training, or just straight up play some games. My favourites here are the snowball fight (I am currently champion of this one on my wii), and the obstacle course (the advanced level is hard!)
    SCORE FOR RELAXATION: 8/10 (can be frustrating when you don’t do as well as you thought you would).


  • Hot coco/beverage of choice and a good book. I love a good book. Best way to spend a day. And a beverage of your choice is just a nice way to top it off. Works with ebooks as well. Currently reading “Princess Bride.”


  • Movie. Get this right and it brightens your whole day. Get it wrong…not so much. But on the bright side with Amazon Prime or Netflix, if you don’t like the film, you can just turn it off. Current recommendations include: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (you will cry), and This Means War (a very funny romantic spy flick). Popcorn is advised.
    SCORE FOR RELAXATION: 9.5/10 (when you get the movie right).


  • TV series. Basically the same as with movies. Current favourites include “The Durrells” (will hit you hard with the emotions (from laughing to crying…not sorry)) and obviously Doctor Who.


  • Cleaning. This is an unexpected one, but surprisingly when in the right mood, it is a great way to spend 10 minutes. A quick tidy up, empty the bins, and wash up and you will feel surprisingly happy. But I would say this works better when you are in the mood to clean (otherwise it just feels like a chore).
    SCORE FOR RELAXATION: 10/10 (when in the right mood).


  • Drawing/painting/music/other. I love doing creative things, most notably drawing and painting. I always feel better after being able to draw for a bit. Even if you can’t draw, doesn’t matter. Scribble a pattern. Get an adult colouring book and colour in. Play your favourite song and dance for all your worth. Do something creative. It really helps.
    SCORE FOR RELAXATION: 10/10. Best option on the list (although I am probably biased as I love art). 

Remember, you need to rest once in a while. Once a deadline is past don’t feel bad about taking a day off. You earned it.