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Trust me when I say this to you, as much as I loved and was thrilled to finally be in England, and in Bournemouth no less, the knowledge that I was all alone in a completely new place was so overwhelming that I sat in my room after I moved into my accommodation for about ten minutes, no idea what to do next. Not what you were expecting to hear right? But do not worry, if this is likely to happen to you too, you have made the right choice to go to university and build up your confidence. As it turns out, the city will welcome you with open arms, no matter which part of the world you are from. Also, if you are someone who gets tired of heavy traffic and city life, Bournemouth is the place to be with its relatively quiet yet beautiful neighbourhoods and endearing people.

I would advise you to stay in one of the Student Halls for accommodation in your 1st year because not only are they all situated like 2 minutes walk from ASDA (which is the biggest supermarket in Bournemouth), they are all dotted around the Lansdowne Campus and provide easy access to the takeaways, bars and pubs, the Town Centre, beach and the legendary Old Fire Station (the Student Union’s official nightclub).

There are loads of things to do and visit in and around Bournemouth. As a fresher, in your first week you will be spoilt for choice with the amount of parties you can attend. You can pre-drink with your flatmates to save money. These are the times you will create the best bag of memories for the whole year to look back upon. But if you are not a drinking kind of person, do not fret over that at all. You will find someone or the other who shares your taste and have a quiet night of movies and snacks or even better, you can always go to the nearest cinema which is the ODEON, right by the beach. Speaking of the beach, did I mention that it looks the best during the afternoons right before sunset? Be sure to take a walk.

But university is not all fun and frolics, especially if you are someone who is away from home and out of their comfort zone for the first time. But do not be daunted by that prospect at all. Be ready to talk to people, approach your mentors from the university and your peers with any kind of difficulties you face. I would also advise getting a part-time job at some point after you arrive because it is a great chance to make some quick money to help you through your stay and of course to meet new people and explore more aspects of the great British culture.  Just remember, this place is ready to give you back as much as you are willing to put in. So, break those shackles and let yourself loose. Until next time, good luck.

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