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LLM International Commercial Law

As the saying goes “there are only 2 things you can start without a plan: a riot and a family, for everything else you need a plan”. Approaching the final stage of my Master in Law program, I tremendously acknowledge the importance of clear planning on keeping track and reaching the goals of my master study. Researching and planning what to do beforehand also makes sure you will experience your student life to the full. Here is my plan:


-Attend Peer Assisted Learning programs to learn from others, improve specialized knowledge, better understand the course direction and expectations and thereby prepare better for assessed work and exams.

-Participate in different Study Skills workshops to advance academic writing skills and develop presentation skills

– Take part in a French course to learn French

-Join the Postgraduate Development Award to fully develop myself personally and professionally


-Become a BU Student Ambassador to meet new people while earning extra money

-Take part in other volunteering activities to help people, make friends and experience new things

-Join some clubs to diversify my student life and have fun

-Join some SUBU and The League of Entrepreneurs events to gain knowledge and experience in running a new business

-Participate in some international law conferences (Model of United Nation) to broaden my professional network and enhance specialized knowledge.

There is no clear direction without a clear plan. Of course you do not have to rigidly stick to your plan; however, I strongly recommend you to thoroughly research and write a to-do list to start your masters off right and enjoy it at the optimal level. Good luck, buddy!