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MSc Marketing Management

Among many precious memories BU has granted me, being a student ambassador is probably the most amazing one. Briefly said, a student ambassador is the one helping with all kinds of events such as open days, career fairs, and educational fairs; undertaking some specialist roles like blogger, mentor, subject specialist; and basically representing the uni to communicate with prospective students.

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What I do

Like other standard ambassadors I have assisted the uni staff at many events. The job varies from delivering leaflets, directing visitors, keeping the area clean, to answering any questions to my best knowledge. Sometimes there are telephone campaigns calling successful applicants to see if they need more information about BU or any kind of help, or calling those who have already graduated to complete a Destination of Leavers questionnaire. These jobs are very interesting and helpful to my career as well. I have had chances to befriend more people, enhance my communication skills and get hands-on experiences.

What I love most is writing blogs, which I am doing right now. Before you choose a university you’ll need lots of information about it. Things like course modules, financing or career prospects can be found on the website, but university life, clubs and societies, even night life are best described in student blogs from their very own experiences. Only a student who has experienced university can tell you how a day of life here would be like precisely and honestly. That’s why I love this job! It gives me the opportunity to raise my voice, share useful tips, and most importantly, convince others to come to BU by expressing how I believe it’ll be worth it and how I’m myself proud to belong at BU.

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I am also running business and management workshops for Year 10 – 12 students, introducing business courses at BU and sharing some thoughts of how my course helps improve my employability.

All in all, being a student ambassador at BU is a well-paid job compared to most part-time jobs in Bournemouth. You’ll get some extra money to do what you want and be less dependent on your family as well as be involved in many activities and feel like you’re a part of the uni – an important thing indeed!

This job is truly worthwhile. I’ve learnt a lot from it and had so much fun. The recruitment starts every September so if you will be coming to BU make sure you don’t miss it.

By Anh Ngu

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