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One of the perks of living in Bournemouth is that it’s a tourist honeypot site meaning that it has soo many good places to eat. Whatever your preference or budget, there will be somewhere you can find that will keep you wanting to go back: Mexican, Italian, Japanese, or just a big full English. It’s all there for you to discover. Here are a few of my personal favourites.

Tasty tacos

Tasty tacos from Ojo Rojo

Ojo Rojo – this authentic Mexican sits just in the corner of the triangle at Bournemouth town centre. It looks incredible from the outside with its rustic decor and atmospheric lighting. The menu offers dishes ranging from £6 taco trays to an impressive platter of nachos and dips for £9. For those keen on spice and experience, this is the best place for a good meal out. They do also do fantastic tequila cocktails for those wanting to make more of a night of it….

Flirt – the perfect hang-out lounge with a kooky vibe: coffees, milkshakes, paninis, baked potatoes, mac’n’cheese,… this place is student galore with great value and a really nice, chilled atmosphere. They also have regular events on in the evenings like study sessions, gaming nights and open mic’s – the perfect accompaniment to a nice dinner.


Perfect panini in Flirt

Zizzi – Ok,  I know zizzi is a chain, and that it’s not just in Bournemouth blah blah blah, and so technically the food is all the same. But what maybe you didn’t know is that zizzi has amazing offers and deals on for students. Vouchers with 25% off or ‘buy one main get another half price’ are always able to be found somewhere hidden on the big wide web. The Zizzi in Bournemouth, again, has a really lovely atmosphere with an open kitchen so you can oggle at the chefs making your pizzas from scratch and the food there always tastes so fresh: definitely a go-to for Italian food enthusiasts.

7Bone – No town centre would be complete without an amazing burger joint. 7Bone caters for those who want to keep it simple with just a plain yet delicious beef patty, or for those with a more exotic pallet as you have the option to jazz it up with hot sauce, mustard, jalapenos, smokey cheese…. The list goes on. A basket meal involves a burger/sandwich with fries or another side and is the option for a tight student budget.

So those are just a few of the places I would recommend but there are so many more and every time I go into Bournemouth I’m pretty sure there’s always a new one being set up! During your time at university make sure you have a proper explore and make the most of the cultured cuisine that the buzzing town has to offer.

By Imogen Byers

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