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BSc (Hons) Sports Management

vedangiBU offers a wide range of sports courses covering the aspects of management, psychology, development, therapy, coaching, etc in sports. When I was asked to choose a university out of 5 options, I went through the modules of each and every university and that’s how I landed on my decision to choose BU. Now you may ask why!? So basically Sport courses at Bournemouth university are very practical and flexible and most of all, you get that important one year of full-time placement.

I chose the university based on how the modules matched with what I wanted to do after graduation and BU offered exactly that.

Basically the modules offered in the first semester are more generalised in all the sports courses and they are the basics of what you will be doing for the rest of your years at BU. They will teach you the research skills, which is one of the most important things I’ve learnt from this university. That’s because you’re not just taught the right way to conduct a systematic academic research but also you’re guided through the ways to choose a research topic and how to go about that once found the topic. Another very interesting unit of most of the sport courses is the ‘Social perspectives of Sport’. This topic let’s you know exactly where you need to work to make sport beautiful, easy and accessible, as it gives you a different perspective to look towards sport. I found this topic very interesting, personally, because I found my interest of research from this topic.

viewIn the beginning of the year, you get a sports kit including a jersey, shorts, track pant and a really warm jacket.

In BU you’re provided support at every point of your course. There are tutorials with the lecturers where you discuss the academic issues (some other issues if you have any) with the lecturers one to one. That has helped me a lot to improve my portfolio which is the main thing which I’m gonna carry in during my exam.

Studying a Sports degree at Bournemouth isn’t just about knowing how a field of your interest in Sport works but also about using the knowledge in your sport practically in the assignments. It was really fascinating for me when we were told to actually do the assignments by relating them to the sport we played. That helped me understand better because I could relate everything that’s taught to my own sport, which I already knew about.

To conclude, BU offers a great variety of opportunities in your field of sport and everything makes sense when you’re here. You’re never lost.

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