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BSc (Hons) Sports Management

From finance and development to the gym and drinking Fosters (not at the same time I might add), a week in the life of a second year Sports Management student at BU is entertaining and varied.

As I’m sure you agree, Mondays are a struggle (even if mine do start at 1pm). Luckily though, mine start with an enthralling two hour Personal and Professional Development (PPD) seminar… Sarcasm aside though, PPD isn’t quite as boring as it sounds and is surprisingly
rewarding and interactive. So far we’ve designed and produced CVs and LinkedIn profiles, delivered presentations and participated in mock interviews – all designed to enhance employability and provide industry experience for placement year and beyond.

After a quick nip to the student shop for a Lucozade and a Mars Bar, it’s on to managing sport development. This lecture outlines the impact of sport policy and the role it plays in providing initiatives to help increase participation rates in sport in the UK. I conclude my manic Monday (any Bangles fans out there, or just me..?) with my third and final unit for seminar one – financial appraisal. Financial appraisal does what it says on the tin, providing the fundamental understanding of finance that is needed to be in a management role at any level. Tuesday and Thursday follow in a similar fashion giving a total of 11 hours contact time across the 3 units per week. This allows opportunities to participate in varsity sport on Wednesdays, as well as allowing the time for the stuff you and I really care about. Socialising.


Living in an eight bedroom house with a bunch of like-minded people does mean I’m not often pushed for things to do. My best mate and I usually play badminton at university every Tuesday and there is the opportunity to join varsity if we so desired. Additionally, we ‘regularly’ attend the on-site gym, which is available to join for a pretty reasonable fee. As for the Fosters part of the opening paragraph, a weekly trip to the Student Union on a Friday is a no brainer!! (If you’re a fresher of course, there is no need to limit yourself to a measly one Friday night a week, when six other nights are also available…) All that’s left for Saturday is to debrief the previous night’s events and inhale a Domino’s at around 4pm when we all finally wake up. What better way to end the week?

By Jordan Williams

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