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Nguyen Thanh LiemYou’ve probably wondered what a postgraduate law students’ life looks like. Will it be all days dress up like “Kingsman”?, will it be a series of assignments and exam like “Fast and Furious”? Will it be just a “hide and seek” game between you and books like “the Hunger Games”? Let me help you “Finding Dory” and debunk the myth.

Normally, I wake up at 7am and have modest version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, toast and coffee. Then I head up to classes that usually begin at 9am. I do dress up like a real “Kingsman” but only in special presentation days; otherwise I can be as wild-looking as in High School Musical, as sporty as in Step Up or even as sexy and dangerous as in “James Bond”.

A law students’ life is undoubtedly tough but it isn’t always the case. Some days you will find yourself truly, madly and deeply in love with legal case as if he/she is the only thing that matters in your life. Other days you may be in a full-time relationship with charming “Library” wife and struggling with million complicated things of “post-wed” life. But you can occasionally find yourself completely unwind and chilling with cool classmates as if you’re on Casablanca beach, Monte Carlo casino or Las Vegas nightlife.

A law student’s life is full of tastes: sweet like candy, sour like lemon, salty like salt or bitter like cud. There is no day like others and you will certainly live this life with joy, excitement and exploration.