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MA Directing Film and Television

Screening roomThe course I’m doing is MA Directing Film & Television. I’m expected to work with students from other courses that help me to produce films. There’s quite a lot of room and opportunity to meet and work with students from other media courses by organising some meet ups, let alone just being in the classroom.

My usual day includes various theoretical and practical lectures, avant-garde film screenings, and useful masterclasses. Surprisingly none of those activities make me fall asleep and are actually pretty entertaining. As I was told, directors are responsible for the final result of all films we make, which, essentially, turn us into dictators, which I found quite funny. Having full control over the work I’m passionate about is something that makes me happy.

And if I’m passionate about something, I’m really in the mood to make it as perfect as I can, although keep in mind, it’s not about ego here, but about respectable confidence.

Every day on my course I realise that I’m here to learn, to take risks and to challenge myself, respect others and listen to reasonable advice. Even at times when I have doubts and fears about what I’m doing, I always try my best not to worry about that and focus the best that I can on my current goals to develop my skills and become a great professional because I know that BU is the best place to do it.

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