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Visit our new webpages to find out how and when to apply for accommodation. 

1.     I’ve got BU as my insurance choice, am I able to secure my accommodation now?

If you have selected BU as your insurance choice, you will be able to start the application process when you have met the conditions of your offer (gone Unconditional Firm on UCAS Track).

2.     Is there any way to ensure two people will get the same flat?

With regards to booking rooms next to each other, the portal will allow you to select your own rooms, so hopefully you guys can pick and choose somewhere together

3.     Will BU help to find roommates for Unilet accommodation? Or do I need to find people to live with first and then rent the whole house?

You have the choice to pick your own room in Unilet and will be able to see a little bit of info about your housemates before you choose or request for BU to allocate you in Unilet and we will sort out your housemates for you. There is no need to hunt around for housemates before you apply.

4.     Does this mean that the portal is open?

We’ve updated all our webpages including the prices for 2014/15 and when the portal will go live. We’ll be emailing out login details 19-30 May so you can start stage 1 of applying. Here’s a link to the info you need.

5.     How do we know which accommodation site is closer to Talbot Campus? What are the choices?

Take a look at our accommodation residencies fact sheet to compare the accommodation and their locations.

6.     How do I apply for unilet?

There are different price levels available in unilet, when stage two opens and you come to select your room you be able to choose the house and room that suits your budget.

7.     What are the chances of getting the accommodation we want? Plus won’t all of our offers turn unconditional on the 15 August?

We have three accommodation release dates where a percentage of each accommodation is available to book. You have an equal chance of booking accommodation whether you book in June, July or on 14 August (not all offers will turn unconditional on this date).

8.     I’m going to be studying an NHS funded course with a 50 week contract and have a placement locality, what should I do?

We recommend that you obtain accommodation close to your placement locality, so it is very likely that other students will be selecting similar accommodation. You are however, welcome to select any of the other BU accommodation options available if you would prefer. You can view the different options available here.

9.     Some will be getting their login details on the 19 and others on the 30 May. Does this mean those who get them first will be at an advantage than others?

You will be able to complete stage one as soon as you receive your login details, at this point, you will let us know whether you would like to select your own room, or choose for BU to allocate your room for you. When your offer turns unconditional firm you will be able to choose your room in stage two of the application.

10.  If I for whatever reason don’t get into BU do I get my deposit back apart from the non-refundable booking fee?

We will prompt you to complete stage two of the application, selecting your room and paying your deposit, when your offer has turned unconditional firm, so you know that you will definitely be coming to join us here at BU.

11. What is the best accommodation to choose if I’m going to be studying at Talbot Campus?

It depends on your personal preference, if you’d like to live on Talbot Campus then we’d recommend the student village, if you fancy being closer to the town centre then we’d recommend choosing one of our many halls of residence (all of which are very similar inside in terms of room sizes and living space, maybe have a flick through the photos in our albums to compare). Alternatively if you’d like to escape the hustle and bustle of halls we’d recommend opting to stay in a unilet house.

 12. My course starts this autumn but I`m going to Bournemouth at the end of July, Is it possible to move there in early?

We offer summer lets, more information and an application form can be found online at

 13. What is the policy on the insurance of our belongings in our accommodation at BU?

Students in University-managed accommodation pay a charge with the deposit to cover the cost of contents insurance for the period of residence. More details can be found online at…/support…/insurance.html

 14. When they ask if we want to choose our own accommodation or have BU allocate for us,  does this mean they will choose our halls too or is it just the room itself ?

If you opt for BU to allocate for you, you will be asked to select which accommodation you would like to live in, in order of preference in stage one. BU will then allocate your room in the chosen accommodation.

 15. Is it best to select your own accommodation or is it better to let BU allocate it for you?

It’s completely up to you, if you choose to select your own room then you will be able to view the profiles of other students when it comes to completing stage two of the application, but if you don’t mind not knowing until you arrive then we can allocate for you.

 16. Can I use the internet for streaming movies & playing online games?

You will be able to watch films and play online games – but there will be a fair usage policy for the internet, like you currently get on mobile phones.

 17. How do I find my student number to log on to apply for accommodation?

If you have accepted your offer and have BU as your firm choice (conditional firm or unconditional firm), your login details will be emailed to you between 19 and 30 May 2014.If you accept your offer after 30 May, you will receive your login details within two weeks.

 18. I am away on the dates to apply (end of June & end of July) – Is it possible to get my parents to apply for me? And will you know what info they will need?

That’s absolutely fine they will just need to know your password that you’ve chosen when you complete stage one of the application process (towards the end of May when you receive your log in details) as well as have access to whichever email account you provide the address of on your application, so that they will receive the prompt to complete stage two and can pay the deposit to secure your room.

 19. If Bournemouth is my insurance choice is it likely I’ll get into the accommodation of my preference on results day if I do not get the grades for my firm choice?

We can’t make any guarantees that you will be able to secure your first choice accommodation, but when you come to apply you will be able to see which rooms are available in which halls and please do remember we have three accommodation release dates where a percentage of each accommodation is available to book to ensure everyone has an equal chance of booking accommodation.

 20. I’ve got a medical condition, is there support in place for the accommodation if I don’t feel well?

We have welfare officers, building managers and security on hand at each of the halls of residence who can be contact if you aren’t feeling well. Staff will be available on site 24 hours a day.

 If this hasn’t answered your question, don’t forget to join us for our live web chat on our Facebook page on Tuesday 20 May from 4-5pmFB Cover photo accomm 20 May

36 Responses to “Your accommodation questions answered”

  1. bridget cooke

    Is there anyway for us to look in more detail at the unilet houses and their individual prices? 🙂

    • shedger

      Hi Bridget, when you come to complete stage 2 of the application you will be able to see details of the unilet houses available, rooms and individual prices.

    • shedger

      Hi Hannah, in stage one of the application you will be able to select whether you want BU to allocate your room for you or whether you want to choose your room yourself, if you opt to choose your own room you will be able to see which flats are single sex when you come to complete stage two. If you opt for BU to allocate for you we can allocate you a room in a single sex flat.

  2. Amy Bennett

    Hey, bournemouth is my first choice and I will be studying nhs mental health nursing. My placement locality is bournemouth/ poole. Where would you recommend that I live? On the bu campus?

  3. Nancy Sword

    My offer isn’t going to become unconditional until I receive my results in August. Does this mean the chances of getting my chosen accommodation (Dorchester) are slim? 🙁

    • shedger

      Hi Nancy, we have three accommodation release dates where a percentage of each accommodation is available to book. You have an equal chance of booking accommodation whether you book in June, July or on 14 August.

  4. Pavlos

    How do I know if there are any other Greek speaking students at BU.
    Anybody knows if acquiring an accommodation at Chesil House is convenient to follow lessons at Talbot Campus
    Computer Animation

  5. Devora Fileva

    Could you please let me know what this fair usage policy for the internet is? Shall I buy an internet package with unlimited broadband? Thanks you in advance for your reply! Looking forward to moving to the magnificent city of Bournemouth!

    • shedger

      Hi Devora, there are different internet providers as well as BU depending on which accommodation you choose. Each provider has invdivodual regulations, but in terms of a fair usage policy it is to prevent huge file downloads using up the bandwidth and slowing down the system for other students.

      We wouldn’t recommend buying before you arrive, although you can once you are here if you find the whole system isn’t what you require.


    Hi, I need to know if a special computer is needed for my field of study computer animation & visualization.

    How do I get some more info from an existing student in the same field

    Thank you

  7. Paige


    I’ve been sent my accommodation portal login details but when I log in and select apply it says “this application process is currently available to you. Please select the appropriate accommodation period that you are applying for” but there is nowhere on the page to select anything else. Can anyone help or are experiencing the same problem?

    • Samantha Gale

      Hi Paige

      Please don’t worry, the accommodation portal is opening for stage 1, which is letting us know if you would like to select your own room or get BU to allocate for you. So you won’t miss out on getting your accommodation. We’re looking into this and will be in touch with you really soon with an update.

    • shedger

      Hi Zoe, you would be best to speak with the members of staff on reception when you move into halls, as the building aren’t all managed by the same company.

  8. Caitlin

    Hi, I’ve put down I want to choose my own room, so when do I put down the Campus I want? Is that in stage 2?

    • shedger

      Hi, you won’t need to choose between the campuses, in stage 2 you will be able to select which room you’d like in which accommodation, be it halls of residence, student village or unilet.

  9. Jadie

    Hello, I have chosen dorchester accommodation and was wondering if content insurance was included or it was something i had to get independently?

    • gales

      Hi Jadie

      Dorchester House comes with contents insurance supplied by Endsleigh. Students will receive a copy of the policy when they move in.

  10. Joseph

    Hi, If you let the Uni choose your accommodation and room and you don’t like it, can you change it on the day or is it permanent?

  11. becky michulkova

    hi i was just wondering if I book a room. Do I need to pay the booking fee and the deposit for it straight away or not ?

    • kdanceydowns

      Hi Becky,

      Yes, you will need to pay a deposit and a booking fee to secure your room and for certain accommodation you’ll also be asked to pay rent in advance. You can find out more here.

      Hope that helps and let me know if you have any more questions!


  12. Marilyn

    Hello,is it possible to change your already reserved room when you have not yet confirmed and made the deposit?

    • kdanceydowns

      Hi Marilyn,
      The best thing to do would be to talk to our accommodation team. You can call them on 01202 961671. Hope that helps!

    • Sarah Jane Knox

      Hi Adeola

      Hopefully you’re now all sorted with regards to arranging your accommodation. If not, please call our askBU Enquiry Team on +44 (0)1202 961916.



  13. Natalia

    Hi, I will be studying adult nursing but I don’t know where my placement locality will be, and I want to start my application soon. Should I just apply for the available halls?


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