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I’m not sure who Dylan is, but I would love to thank him for Bournemouth University’s fun and friendly, on-campus bar. Whether it’s some affordable food you need after a long day of lectures, a few drinks with friends or competing to win the pub quiz, it has something for everyone!

Every Monday afternoon, you can head down to Dylan’s at 2pm to catch the ‘Coffee House Sessions’.  You’ll be able to listen to live, acoustic music from up-and-coming artists and bands as part of their student union tour. Who wouldn’t want to go to a free concert every week?!


Every Monday evening, groups gather in the pub for a fun, albeit slightly competitive, pub quiz and it’s always nice to see familiar faces. Plus, the top three scorers win prizes of money and alcohol, so can you really say no?

Karaoke is very much a love-hate thing. If you’re brave enough, karaoke takes place in Dylan’s every Thursday evening. If you’re not quite brave enough, singers get 241 cocktails which will no doubt increase bravery (whether drinking alcohol is inversely proportional to singing skill, is for your friends to tell you). I’m sure Dylan’s are always looking for enthusiastic singers to post on their Facebook page…

The choice of food in Dylan’s really is pretty great, and with an updated menu every year, it just gets better and better (I would particularly recommend the Veggie Fry Up). With Happy Hour being from 6 ‘til 8, it fits along with your meal quite nicely…share a drink with a friend or, as I often do, just get 2 for yourself so you have to queue up less.


This isn’t an exhaustive list of the best things Dylan’s has to offer, just my top picks, and you’ll have to visit to see the rest! If ‘Guess the Intro Bingo’ or Society Socials are more your thing, they often take place in Dylan’s too! And if you just can’t get enough of being there, I’ve heard they’re hiring…


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By Lizzie Kiely

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