The best things about Dylan’s Bar

You only have to hear the word ‘Bar’ to know it’s going to be a pretty cool place with music, entertainment, and of course, alcohol. But there’s some qualities about the university’s very own Dylan’s Bar that make it particularly special… The Food Featuring some of your favourite comfort food, from pizza to loaded nachos, Dylan’s… Read more » about The best things about Dylan’s Bar

My week in photos

We had an unusually cold winter back home with ten degrees below zero when I left for Bournemouth so the chilly temperatures here feel like spring and make me glad to be back! Seeing my family again is always great, but it sure doesn’t leave me much time to work on all my assignments. Which means, that… Read more » about My week in photos

Dylan’s Bar

I’m not sure who Dylan is, but I would love to thank him for Bournemouth University’s fun and friendly, on-campus bar. Whether it’s some affordable food you need after a long day of lectures, a few drinks with friends or competing to win the pub quiz, it has something for everyone! Every Monday afternoon, you… Read more » about Dylan’s Bar