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BSc (Hons) Nutrition

When it comes to cooking, don’t expect gourmet, because unfortunately that’s not what you get. Smart Price is what you get. So from now on forget your best friend, your new best friend is ASDA. I used to be a bit of a food snob only buying branded food and never even looking at supermarket own brands, but now it’s all I buy. Don’t get me wrong – if I see a good Chicago Town pizza on a ‘whoopsie’ then I’m the first one to put it in the trolley over the Smart Price.

Think about your budget, because at the end of the term you don’t want to be living off scraps and crumbs. Because straight as the first loan instalment comes through you feel like Royalty, trust me! You have the idea that you can afford to live that lifestyle, ha!

When you go on your shopping trips don’t ignore the frozen aisle! Frozen foods last longer and are normally cheaper. Instead of fresh veg to have with your dinner, buy the frozen packets. It doesn’t taste bad and it’s sell-by-date will last if you don’t really cook much for a couple of weeks. It’s great for being mindful of food wastage – to me, as a student, it’s like throwing money in the bin.

Fresh food like bread is great, because (TOP TIP) you can freeze it and then use it when you want. Pasta and tinned food lasts a long time, so they are perfect to stock up on and make a nice change from those pot noodles and sandwiches you’ve got all to familiar with. Here’s a list of some of my favourite things to buy at ASDA:

  • 2 large pizzas for £2
  • A giant 2.5kg bag of pasta for £2
  • Squash for 30p
  • Ready meals for 75p.

In my first year, I became well acquainted with chicken nuggets and chips and beans on toast! Although, it’s really not the healthiest option for regular consumption.

When it comes to cooking in your flat, most of the time you will either just cook yourself a small meal (i.e. pizza or ready meal) or you all chip in together to help make a proper dinner. The best thing to do is make sure everyone is in agreement for the dinner choice that night and things will be a lot easier.

You’ll also find that everyone ends up bringing saucepans, frying pans and baking trays with them so just bring one or two just in case, and if worst comes to worst all club in together and buy what is needed and that way everyone can use it with no problem. TOP TIP: have a different colour or pattern on your kitchen stuff otherwise you will lose it all and swap it with everyone else’s!!!

Be conscious of  your budget and keep a good variety planned meals. Don’t get worried if you’re a fussy eater either, if you don’t want to eat what everyone else is eating, then cook your own thing and do your own shopping rather than as a flat. Do what you want and you’ll be happy with it, Smart Price or not.

By Sarah Holding


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