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There seems to be an app for everything nowadays. You can use them to monitor your fitness, find the name of that song you heard while out shopping, there’s even an app to help you find your friends! They can make your life a lot easier, particularly when you’re a student. Here are the top apps to help you combat uni life…

Unidays – The best perk of being a student is of course the discounts you get, right? Unidays puts them all in one place for you. The process is simple, set up an account, enter your uni email address, wait for verification and then you’re done! You then have discount codes on your phone, ready to show in all your favourite retailers or to use with online purchases.

Online Banking – being in charge of your own finances can seem difficult when you move away from home for the first time, but this is made a lot simpler with online banking apps. Most banks offer online banking so you can see how much is in your account and transfer money easily for rent or between friends and family. This makes it a lot easier to budget and see where your money is going

Free Prints – If you’re anything like me then your bedroom will be plastered with pictures of your family and friends. However, it can be quite expensive to print photos on proper photographic paper, and as a student you’re always trying to save money. Free Prints is a cheap and easy way of ordering photos directly from your camera roll. You get 45 free prints per month and only have to pay a few pounds for delivery.


Countdown+ – This app helps you count down to events such as assignment deadlines, exams, family visits and of course the end of the semester! You can create any event you want and personalise it with pictures and alerts. The number of days counting down to the event appears as a badge on the app so you can always keep track of how long is left.

iScanner – Why is it you can never find a scanner when you need one? Luckily you don’t have to go searching round university for one because there’s an app that does it for you. iScanner allows you to take photos of paper documents which it then converts into PDF files. You can then email these to yourself which makes it much easier to digitalise your work and submit assignments.

Munch – Getting used to cooking your own food at uni can be a bit of a struggle if you’ve never done it before. Munch is like an online recipe book with step by step recipes. These are created by students, for students. They are quick, easy meals that don’t cost too much. Perfect.

The above apps are available to download for free for both android and apple phones.

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